The Kinderkunsthaus Sponsoring Program

Group Program

The Kinderkunsthaus promotes the integration as well as the artistically creative development of socially deprived children and adolescents. In our sponsorship program, initiatives for socially deprived children and adolescents in Munich get free admission to our group programs as well as to the open program. For questions about our sponsorship program or group bookings in the context of the sponsoring program, please contact Katharina Raif at info(at) or call her Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9-12 at 089-330 35 770.

Children help children – exhibitions

In the context of the group program, unique artwork around the topics „family“ and „favorite animals with superpowers“ were created. They are exhibited at the Ronald McDonald house at the German heart center as well as the children’s cancer ward of the children’s hospital in Schwabing and adorn hallways and patients’ rooms there.

Impressions Ronald McDonald Haus am Deutschen Herzzentrum

Impressions Klinikum Schwabing

The following institutions have visited us:

Arche München

Arche München has been in existence in Moosach since September 2006. Children of the ages between 5-18 visit us and get a free lunch, can do their homework, get coaching and can take part in the afternoon program. The Arche Kids like to visit the Kinderkunsthaus during the holidays where they can make use of the numerous offerings.

Caritas Alveni social service and InterNations Munich Charity Group

Together with the Caritas Alveni social service, InterNations Munich Charity Group supports asylum seekers in Munich. Groups of this initiative visit the Kinderkunsthaus regularly at the weekend together with their dedicated custodians in order to spend some nice creative hours.


This Munich-based association advocates the integration of socially deprived children and adolescents into the communal life of our city in the areas education, culture, leisure and sport. Detached from social heritage, their participation, chances and perspectives can be opened to them with lasting effect. Together with DEIN MÜNCHEN e.V., children of various backgrounds visit us in the mornings during the holidays to work together creatively.

ETC e.V. Euro-Trainings-Centre and Telefónica Germany:

Euro-Trainings-Centre ETC e.V. is a nonprofit association operating in the field of qualifying activities and supervision of children, teenagers and young adults. It is also the provider of the ‘multigenerational house’ in Harthof. They organize socio-pedagogical study help, learning opportunities and much more. Children from ETC e.V. visit us on homework-free afternoons and enjoy the creative opportunities here to create and be creative.

Support Centre Munich North

The diagnostic and support classes at Förderzentrum München Nord enable children with special needs acquire subject matter of the first two years of elementary school in a timeframe of up to three years. Children are individually supported in small study groups.


HORIZONT e.V. provides a safe home for children and mothers of various cultures and age groups that have become destitute through no fault of their own. The HORIZONT house has 24 furnished apartments and provides the care and professional help from social workers they need to regain strength and confidence. The goal is to guide the families back into a self-determined life as quickly as possible. HORIZONT e.V. was established in 1997 by actress Jutta Speidel.

KulturRaum München

KuturRaum München is a project by the association of the same name, KulturRaum München e.V. (carried mainly by volunteers) and conveys tickets for cultural events free of cost to low-income people in order to enable them to take part in cultural life. With KulturRaum, various sponsored groups visit us regularly during the holidays, e.g. from emergency shelters all over Munich.

Lichtblick Hasenbergl e.V.

Lichtblick Hasenbergl e.V. takes care of children and teenagers growing up under challenging conditions in emergency accommodations or low cost housing. A group of 8-10-year-olds from Lichtblick Hasenbergl e.V. visits us on a regular basis and participates in our program free of charge.

Orphanage Munich

Münchner Waisenhaus in Nymphenburg is a place where children are taken care of for a shorter or longer period of time, during the day or around-the-clock. It’s a second home for children who are in need or neglected, children who have problems at school – children who need help. They visit the Kinderkunsthaus on holidays and enjoy some carefree and creative time.

Verein für sozialpädagogische Tagesgruppen in München e.V.

The association for socio-pedagogic day groups in Munich cares for about 50 children and families in need, mostly from trouble hotspots in the city – with the task of advocating the further developement of a qualified service for children and families that is tailored to their needs. Four different socio-pedagogic day groups have visited us multiple times during the holidays.


Kinderkunsthaus Munich has been offering free admission for refugees since early 2015. We are working with relief organizations like Innere Mission, the workers’ welfare association, the association „Perspektiven für junge Flüchtlinge e.V.“ (perspectives for young refugees), Caritas, DEIN MÜNCHEN e.V. and many more. Children and adolescents from various countries of origin visit us in the group program and can experience carefree and creative hours in our workshop. Those hours are also very enriching and valuable for our team.

We are looking forward to welcome refugee children and their families that will visit our open program free of charge with their volunteer custodians.

Together with our initiator, Mixtvision Mediengesellschaft, we are working on extending our commitment for refugees in Munich sustainably and long-term.

For questions about our sponsoring program or group bookings in the sponsoring program please contact Katharina Raif at  info(at) or call her Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9  to 12 am at 089 330 35 770.