There are several ways to support our work: donations, sponsorship or volunteer work. You also support us and our patronage programs with the purchase of each admission ticket.

FSJ Culture

The Kinderkunsthaus offers two spots for volunteers looking to do a Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr in the area culture. Find all information about FSJ Culture as well as the centrally coordinated application process at Please direct your application directly to the FSJ Culture Office – you can express interest for specific assignment locations. Applicants should take pleasure in creative work with kids, like team work, be creative and be able to openly engage with others.


You can support us by volunteering at Kinderkunsthaus. We are looking forward to your engagement as a volunteer instructor for guided holiday workshops for 6- to 12- year-olds as well as Studio 23 workshops for 10- to 15-year-olds on Saturdays and Sundays. You should be a trained educator in the areas art, culture or media or a fine artist and should be able to present proof of hands-on experience in teaching and caregiving for children and adolescents. Thank you for your interest. Please contact us via email at msb(at)


With the help of money donations and subsidies the Kinderkunsthaus’ philosophy can be realized long-term and the versatile program can be ensured at a high quality level. Each donation is used exclusively for our non-profit initiative. With donations we can pay for crafting material like paper and colors or for experts and professionals in order to offer interesting workshops. We are happy about every support. From 200 € on you receive a donation receipt for tax deductions.

Donation of Material

We are happy about material donations of all kind: paper, construction paper, cardboard, colors, penholders, ink, stamps, glue, balloons, buttons, pearls, spangles, cotton, felt, thread, needles, safety pins, wool, wood, key rings, files, saws, hammers, nails, screws, magazines, children’s books, picture books, nonfiction books, rulers, compasses, cork among other things are more than welcome and always needed in the workshop.

Donation of equipment

We happily take equipment of all kind such as furniture, art supplies, tools, multimedia or computer equipment. That way we can guarantee a high technical, functional and state of the art quality standard. From an equipment donation worth 200 € on you receive a donation receipt for tax deductions.

Cooperation partners

Nusser & Baumgart KG

The contemporary gallery Nusser & Braumgart connects the Kinderkunsthaus with artists who present special artistic techniques to children in workshops.

We are happy about every donation which helps to support the Kinderkunsthaus:

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