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Tel. 089 – 330 35 77-0
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How to reach the Kinderkunsthaus
You can reach the Kinderkunsthaus best by using public transportation. By bus and tram: station Kurfürstenplatz, by U-Bahn: stations Münchner Freiheit, Giselastraße oder Hohenzollernplatz.

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About us

If you want to be active artistically in Munich the Kinderkunsthaus is the perfect address. In a relaxed atmosphere and without pressure children and their parents or chaperons can work in our professionally equipped workshop and try out various creative techniques. We want all children regardless of their social or financial background to be able to participate in our program. As a non-profit institution we therefore have low admission fees and patronage projects which we realize with social initiatives in Munich.

Alexandra Helmig, associate and founder
Alexandra Helmig founded the Kinderkunsthaus with her husband Sebastian Zembol in the spring of 2011. Aside from her work as a theater, film and television actress the jazz-singer since 2002 is also successful as a children’s book author and writes plays and screen-plays.
Contact: Alexandra Helmig


Sebastian Zembol, associate and founder
Sebastian Zembol, sport and pedagogy science graduate and trained journalist founded the non-profit Kinderkunsthaus in early 2011 with his wife, author, actress and jazz-singer Alexandra Helmig. Further he is the managing director of mixtvision Mediengesellschaft in Munich consisting of a children’s book publishing house, digital publishing and a film and TV production. Since 2015, he has been on the board of directors of the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels/Bayern. Contact: sz(at)

Nina Golüke, consultant to the management
Nina Golüke studied communication sciences, German literature and political sciences from 1993-1999 in Mainz and Munich. During her studies, she acquired publishing know how by working as a student trainee in the FOCUS magazine advertising department. Directly after her graduation as an M.A., she worked as a project manager in the sales team of today’s Tomorrow FOCUS AG. From 2001 until early 2013, she supported the CEO and managing board of the McDonald’s children’s foundation. In this position, she could add in her communicational skills and talent as well as her mercantile expertise and organisational talent. Since February 1st, 2013, she has been supporting the Kinderkunsthaus management in all organisational and mercantile tasks. Contact: ng(at)

Judith Silbereisen, program director | art director
Judith Silbereisen, a qualified cultural and media educator and trained graphic designer, has been working in the programme management of the Kinderkunsthaus since its opening in 2011. She is also the artistic director of the school class and group programmes in the mornings and is responsible for the visual appearance of the Kinderkunsthaus‘ digital and print media. Contact: js(at)


Hannah Stolz, deputy program director
After her training in marketing and communication at a Munich advertising agency, Hannah Stolz studied art education with literature as a subsidiary subject at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, which she successfully completed in 2018. The care and creative occupation with children and young people is her passion. As a director of art courses for children of all ages, she has also gained extensive experience in the field of art education. Since September 2016 Hannah Stolz has been supporting the team of the Kinderkunsthaus in the open program, courses, workshops and children’s birthday parties. Since April 2019 she has been deputy program director alongside Amelie Martin and is responsible for the school class and group program as an art educator. contact: hs(at)

Amelie Martin, deputy program director
Amelie Martin studied Social Work at KSFH Munich from 2010 to 2014. She already led creative workshops at the VHS during her studies and guided adolescents during their volunteer year as a seminar counselor. Out of interest and dedication to the arts she decided to do a second course of studies in art education and educational sciences at LMU (2014-2016). Amelie has been working as a freelancer at Kinderkunsthaus and takes over responsibilities as deputy program director. She shares responsibility for program planning with Judith Silbereisen, Hannah Stolz and Sandra Falkenstein. The four also take turns guiding the morning group program as directive art educators. Contact: am(at)

Sandra Falkenstein, program planning
Sandra Falkenstein studied art education, art history and English literature at the LMU in Munich from 2004 to 2009. Together with the founders Sebastian Zembol and Alexandra Helmig, she developed the concept of the Kinderkunsthaus with the aim of inspiring as many children as possible in an innovative way for art and design. From the very beginning she was responsible for the planning and conception of the entire program as a leading art educator at the Kinderkunsthaus. After her return from parental leave, she is now helping to plan the program, instructs the pottery class and, in alternation with Judith Silbereisen, Amelie Martin and Hannah Stolz, is in charge of the group program in the mornings. Contact: sf(at)

Angie Martin-Schütz, class instructor | purchasing | shop
Angie Martin-Schütz took a diploma in Social Education and is now a state-certified educator. During her studies she focussed on the creative domain, and – among other things – completed a practical training at the “Schule der Phantasie”. She gained varied practical experience in Cultural Education at an institution called “Spielen in der Stadt e.V.” Angie Martin-Schütz has supported the Kinderkunsthaus since February 2013.
Contact: ams(at)

Katharina Raif, class instructor | booking office | sponsoring program
Katharina Raif studied stage and costume design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. After graduation, she worked as an assistant and creative contributor at various theaters before starting to design her own stage settings and costumes for plays and opera productions. Katharina has been part of the team since March 2015, contributing her theater experience to e.g. a costume workshop. Apart from that, she is your contact for questions about booking classes, workshops and group programs at our booking office. Contact: kr(at)

Marlene Schulze Buschoff, human resources
Marlene Schulze Buschoff, Marketing manager with over 20 years experience in a leading position with a marketing agency in Munich, has been responsible for our staff at Kinderkunsthaus since May 2015. She is contact person for our staff in all personal matters as well as the responsible person for staff planning and salary accounting. In addition, she maintains and updates the contents of the Kinderkunsthaus website and is responsible for the newsletter distribution. Contact: msb(at)

Carolin Rottländer, communications
Carolin Rottländer, owner of a communication consulting agency was employed at Hubert Burda Media for 20 years, 18 years thereof as a founding member of FOCUS magazine publishing house as head of advertising and since 2003 as head of brand communication. She voluntarily lead the biggest in-house parent-child-initiative in Munich, the Burda-Bande e.V. In 2011 she opened her own communication consulting agency (Carolin Rottländer Kommunikationsberatung GmbH) with MIXT Kinderkunsthaus as a client from the start. For the Kinderkunsthaus she is the contact person for communication and cooperation. Contact: cr.kommunikation(at)

Anna Bruckmayer, volunteer

…graduated from Dante Gymnasium in Munich in 2019. In the upper school she took the art additum. Here she could already familiarize herself with many creative techniques. In addition, Anna has actively guided and supervised children in her P-seminar „Theaterleben München“ and as a holiday caregiver at Lilalu. With these experiences her interest in teaching young people art and culture grew. That is why she chose an FSJ Kultur im Kinderkunsthaus as an orientation for her later career choice. contact: ab(at)

Johanna Queißer, volunteer
… attended the Ignaz-Taschner-Gymnasium in Dachau. She successfully completed her schooling in June 2019 with the Abitur. In the 9th and 10th grade Johanna worked as a tutor at her school, where she got to know and appreciate the work with children. Because of her interest in art, she chose photography as her profile subject in the upper school. During her one-year FSJ Kultur in the Kinderkunsthaus Johanna would like to explore various activities in the artistic field in order to find her professional orientation. contact: jq(at)

Freelance staff

Ferdinand Babl
Ferdinand Babl completed his Bachelor of Arts in Art and Cultural History at the University of Augsburg in spring 2017. Since then he has been studying art education with a minor in educational science, primarily to further develop and deepen his artistic and pedagogical knowledge. He gained his first pedagogical experience after his Abitur in an institution of the SOS Children and Youth Services, where he completed his voluntary service. Since July 2017 he has been a member of the freelance staff at the Kinderkunsthaus.

Franziska Berchtenbreiter
…graduated from the Augsburg FOS in 2018 with a general baccalaureate in design. In order to gain an insight into a pedagogical profession and to remain in the artistic field, she decided to spend a voluntary year at the Kinderkunsthaus. As she is aiming to study at an academy, she continues to work as a freelancer at the Kinderkunsthaus during her portfolio preparation.

Katharina Beyer
After completing her studies in tourism management and 4 years of professional experience in this field, Katharina Beyer decided in 2015 to study art education with a minor in art, music and theatre at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich. For her, the creative process means an excursion or escape from normality, which she likes to share, intensify and experience together with other people. To inspire children and young people for creative work and to introduce them to the freedom and countless possibilities of art is a great fulfilment for her.  Katharina has been working with the Kinderkunsthaus since October 2017. She is currently enjoying her baby break.

Alina Blank
… attended the artistic branch of the Ignaz-Günther-Gymnasium in Rosenheim and successfully completed her schooling in spring 2018 with the Abitur. During her voluntary year at the Kinderkunsthaus she was able to gain profound knowledge about art and its mediation as well as to gain essential pedagogical experience. After the end of her FSJ in August 2019, she is now studying communication sciences with a minor in education at the LMU in Munich and continues to work as a freelancer at the Kinderkunsthaus.

Hannah Brinkies
Hannah Brinkies studied communication design at the Munich University of Applied Sciences and free painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. Since then she has worked as a freelance artist. Since the end of 2016 she has been working as a freelancer at the Kinderkunsthaus and is happy to work creatively and experimentally with the children.

Myriam Fischer
…passed her vocational baccalaureate in 2017 at the Augsburg technical secondary school in the design branch. In order to remain true to her enthusiasm for art in her professional life, she decided to spend 2017/2018 as a volunteer in the Kinderkunsthaus and then continued to work for as a freelancer. Since she would like to continue working in the educational field in the future, she has been studying social work at the University of Applied Sciences Munich since October 2018.

Charlotte Giacobbi
Charlotte Giacobbi, a freelance artist, has successfully completed her studies of painting and graphic arts with Prof. Pia Fries as a master student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich in 2019. Since the beginning of 2017 she has been working as a freelancer at the Kinderkunsthaus. According to Charlotte, art is based primarily on sharing and exchange, but also on freedom of expression. She finds it essential that children in the Kinderkunsthaus have the opportunity to experience this area with all their senses and thinks that art promotes the self-development and use of each child’s potential.

Dana Greiner
Freelance Artist

Lina Hernandez
Lina Hernández, born in Colombia, completed her studies as a teacher of fine arts at the Beato Angélico Academy of Arts in Argentina. Already during her studies, she was in charge of art classes for students between 5 and 15 years at different schools in Buenos Aires in the context of internships. At the end of 2011 she moved to Germany to further develop her language skills and her artistic-pedagogical knowledge. In addition to her studies in art education at the LMU, she has been part of the team at the Kinderkunsthaus since the beginning of 2016.

Elena Hoffmann
…worked as an au pair in a Canadian family for a few months in a pottery and a nursery after her year abroad, while she worked on her art portfolio. In 2017 she began her art education studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Widmann class. She has been enthusiastic about art and handicraft activities since childhood and was able to gain experience in childcare both in her youth and during her year as an au pair. Since November 2019 she is happy to support the team of the Kinderkunsthaus as a freelancer.

Laia Martí Puig
…trained in fine arts, printmaking and relational practice in Barcelona and Munich.
Freelance artistically Laia Martí Puig is currently active in Munich with the Leonrodhaus initiative and in her studies of free art at the Academy of Fine Arts. At the Kinderkunsthaus she likes to impart her creative and artistic skills and experience to children, young people and adults in courses, workshops and in the open program. Printmaking and craft techniques and processes as well as the creative process of a picture in its most diverse ways and forms are particularly close to her heart.

Levin Mayerhofer
… has been studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in the class of Stephan Dillemuth since 2017. For more than five years he has been gaining experience in the regular cooperation with children and young people in workshops and projects, for example in schools or institutions, as well as in open youth work in the field of art education. Since the beginning of 2018 he has been supporting the Kinderkunsthaus team as a freelancer.

Asuka Miyahara
Asuka Miyahara, artist, graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Free Art from Tama Art University in Tokyo. Since 2016 she has been studying painting with Pia Fries at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. For three years she gained experience in working with children as an art teacher at a high school in Japan. Since March 2017 she has been working as a freelancer at the Kinderkunsthaus.

Kerol Montagna
Kerol Montagna graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor’s degree in Sculpture from the Accademia Di Belle Arti in Bologna. At the Academy of Fine Arts, she graduated in 2014 with a diploma in sculpture under Hermann Pitz.
As a freelance artist, she has already realized various exhibitions and art projects in Germany, Italy, Serbia and France. She has also worked for various educational cultural institutions. She gained further practical experience in working with children and young people by designing and developing the stage design for an Italian theatre group. Kerol is happy to be part of the team of the Kinderkunsthaus since the end of 2015.

Alice Panella
 Alice Panella graduated in Art History from the University of Pisa and holds a postgraduate Master’s degree in Museum Education from the University of Rome. She has worked as an art mediator and art educator in various cultural institutions in Florence and Paris. In Munich Alice gained further practical experience in child and youth work and since the end of 2017 she is happy to support the freelance team of the Kinderkunsthaus.

Jana Petelka
From 2014 to 2015, Jana studied fine arts for a total of three semesters at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich until she discovered her joy in creative work with children and young people during a three-month internship at the Kukiju Freising. Based on this experience, she transferred to the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich and has been studying art education with the subsidiary subject of language, literature and culture there since autumn 2015. Since March 2018 she is part of the team at the Kinderkunsthaus.

Thalia Rachen
…is working as a freelancer in the Kinderkunsthaus after a voluntary year 2016/17. Since October 2017 she has been studying art education in Munich, thus turning her enthusiasm and joy in working with children into a profession.

Tina Rade
Tina Rade has graduated from the Academy of Arts in Croatia and has thus acquired the academic title of Master of Sculpture. She has also completed a pedagogical training and successfully passed the professional examination for the profession of teacher of fine arts. In Croatia she has already worked as an art teacher in primary schools. Since October 2016, Tina Rade has been supporting the team of the Children’s Art House in the open programme, in courses, workshops and children’s birthday parties and now also as a course leader in the „Farbklecks“ Course.

Dorna Sadeghi
Dorna Sadeghi, artist, has lived in Germany since 2015. After studying photography and filming in Iran, she studied art education with a minor in Antiquity and Orient at the LMU. She successfully completed her studies in summer 2019. Since April 2019 she has been working as a freelancer at Kinderkunsthaus. She also works voluntarily for the Iranian Cultural Festival Termeh Munich as photographer and social media manager.

Franziska Schell
… passed her Abitur at the Luitpold-Gymnasium in Wasserburg am Inn in spring 2017. Already during her school time she gained first experiences in art education in her P-seminar „Art Talks“ and during an internship in a kindergarten. After her voluntary year 2017/2018 at the Kinderkunsthaus, she can now live out her enthusiasm for art in her art education studies in Munich. She continues to work at the Kinderkunsthaus as a freelancer and class instructor.

Isabella Ulrich
Isabella Ulrich is an art educator and graduated from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich in 2012. In her artistic work, she is primarily concerned with the combination of digital and analogue media. She has been part of the Kinderkunsthaus team since its opening and works as a freelancer in the open program, at children’s birthday parties and workshops. Her main job is Online Marketing Manager and she is able to apply her technical knowledge in programming workshops at Studio 23.

Julia Voigt
Julia Voigt, a qualified educator, has worked in various institutions and has more than nine years of professional experience in the education and care of children and young people. After she found experience and pleasure in artistic topics and techniques at Studio Zeiler, she studied art education at the LMU and graduated in 2017. Since 2017 she has been part of the Kinderkunsthaus team and combines pedagogical and artistic experiences in workshops and other offers.

Lena Weber
…graduated from the Michaeli Gymnasium in Munich in 2017 and has been studying art education at the LMU since October 2018. She has been interested in art since a very young age and enjoys working with children. Especially in her free year after graduating from high school, she has gained a lot of experience in art education. Since she enjoys working with children very much, she did an internship in a children’s studio, works part-time in a lunchtime childcare facility and looked after children and young people in a children’s village in the Philippines. Now she is happy to be a member of the team of the Kinderkunsthaus since April 2019.