Since its establishment in 2011, Kinderkunsthaus München promotes the authentic encounter of children with artists and other persona of various professions. Children have the opportunity getting to know professional artists and trying new creative techniques together with them. Those non-everyday encounters will enrich children in their artistic examination.

Alexandra Helmig is talking to …

Alexandra Helmig, the founder of Kinderkunsthaus, asks our experts five questions. Find the very personal answers here …

Sat, 05.03.2016 | Impressions from the reading “Im Land der Wolken”

During the Munich Children’s bookfair 2016 and in cooperation with Mixtvision publishing, the Kinderkunsthaus hosted a reading with the author of „Im Land der Wolken“. While Alexandra Helmig read from her picturebook, illustrator Anemone Kloos painted wonderful pictures of clouds live on stage. It was beautiful and crowded. Many thanks to all involved. View all photos: click on image.

Sun, 21.02.2016 | Results of the Studio 23 workshop

The photo workshop „portrait meets still life“ was a great success thanks to the many ideas and the output of all the participants. View all photos: click on image.

14.03.2015 | Impressions from the reading „Herr Fuchs mag Bücher“ with Franziska Biermann

Our heartfelt thanks to Franziska Biermann fort he thrilling reading and the wonderful Illustration workshop.

24.01.2015 | Impressions from the architecture workshop with Julia Schneider and Kirsten Scholz

Our heartfelt thanks to Julia Schneider and Kirsten Scholz for this inspiring workshop. Through their voluntary commitment the award-winning architects have inspired nine adolescents in Studio 23 and added to our program eonderfully. The sketches and models made by the participants will be exhibited at Kinderkunsthaus from 27.01. until 26.04.2015.

18.10.2014 | “IRMA” in the Open Program | Creative work inspired by Jasmin Khezri

The founder of IRMASWORLD, illustrator and author IRMA aka Jasmin Khezri inspired our visitors on saturday. Scarves were painted, scrapbooks were made, IRMA characters were drawn and much more.

Alle Fotos ansehen: Klick auf das Bild.

09.10.2014 | Impressions from the reading “Auf High Heels in den Kreißsaal”

Actress and FREUNDIN columnist Tanya Neufeldt writes a blog all about her everyday challenges as a mother under her pseudonym Lucie Marshall. Together with Alexandra Helmig, founder of Kinderkunsthaus and actress, she read from her book „Auf High Heels in den Kreißsaal“. Many thanks for this joyful evening.

27.09.2014 | Impressions from the programming workshop with Andreas Klostermaier

Together with software developer Andreas Klostermaier, the workshop participants dove into the exciting world of programming and learned about the work of a software developer. With the help of the software „Scratch“, animations and even simple computer games werde made.

19.07.2014 | “Heidi at the Octoberfest” | Workshop with Lola Paltinger

Munich-based Bavarian costume designer Lola Paltinger joined us in our open program and assisted with the creation of beautiful Dirndl- and Lederhosen-inspired accessories. Many thanks for the creative organization of this wonderfully hot summer day.

31.05.2014 | Airbrush workshop with Isabella Ulrich

Isabella Ulrich (art educator / airbrush expert) has introduced a group of adolescents between 10 and 15 years in the art of airbrushing. Wonderful artwork was made.

24.05.2014 | Open House 2014

Many visitors joined us to celebrate our 3rd birthday and be creative – an amazing day for all involved.

05.04.2014 | Multiple exposure | Studio 23 workshop with Peter Neusser

Making-of photos and the results of the workshop.

08.03.2014 | Reading “Die unglaubliche Geschichte von Wenzel”

During the Munich Children’s Bookfair, author Nikola Huppertz read from her book while illustrator Regina Kehn created pictures live on stage.

22.02.2014 | Time exposure | Studio 23 workshop with Moritz Welker

A small selection of the „light paintings“ made by the participating teenagers.

01.02.2014 | 1001 Night | Reading with Alexandra Helmig and Stefan Wilkening

Impressions of the reading celebrating 1001 Nights of Kinderkunsthaus.

Found objects | Opening reception and open program by and with Judith Milberg

The exhibition will be shown until January/February 2014. Photos oft he opening reception in the open program on October 19th 2013 by and with Judith Milberg here.

05.12.2013 | Arthouse

Impressions of our second evening workshop with open program for adults.

15.11.2013 | 10th National Reading Day 2013

Impressions of the event with honorary readers Alexandra Helmig (author), Nicole Graner (SZ-Editor) und Riccarda Boehm (Lesefüchse e.V.):

10.09.2013 | Gemischtes Doppel

Impressions of the event in cooperation with the SZ-column „Gemischtes Doppel“ at the Kinderkunsthaus.

04.05.2013 | Open House 2013

On our 2nd birthday, many visitors came to celebrate and be creative with us – a great day for all involved.

02.03.2013 | Impressions from the reading “Die Sauerdropse”

An unforgettable day for all listeners, young or old. Illustrator Benjamin Leroy made live drawings on stage while author Jaap Robben read from the book. After the reading, the children could participate in a creative workshop, drawing their own character illustrations.

4. – 19.05.2013 | Making of: Play me, I´m yours

From „blank“ piano to closing concert: After the piano was decorated at the Kinderkunsthaus during „Play me I’m yours“, it was put in a public space as one of 14 pianos in Munich to be played and painted on from May 4th to 19th, 2013.

13.02.2013 | carnival workshop 2013 “Photographic experiments in black and whites” with Raija Buchhorn

In this holiday workshop, the group went on a hunt for subjects with their digital cameras. Especially surfeces and textures were in the focus.

16.11.2012 | Impressionen from the National Reading-aloud day 2012

With the wonderful support of Lesefüchse e.V., the reading-aloud day on November 16, 2012 was a special experience for listeners of all ages. The stories were brought to life in creative workshops.

20.10.2013 | Long Night of the Museums in Munich – Daniel Man at Kinderkunsthaus

During the Long Night of the Museums, Munich-based artist Daniel Man was present at Kinderkunsthaus to show  young visitors his creative techniques. The children created a fantastic collective artwork by using stencils and airbrush.

13.10.2013 | Impressions from room graphic workshop with ANNA morphs

In this workshop, the ANNA morphs architects will show the participants how to create a room graphic. The children decided on the painting „Das blaue Pferd I“ by Franz Marc.

12.05.2013 | 1st Birthday of Kinderkunsthaus

We had lots of reasons to celebrate after a successful first year! Together with children, friends and sponsors we had a wonderful first birthday party.

22.10.2011 | Judith Milberg at Kinderkunsthaus

Designer and art historian Judith Milberg came to Kinderkunsthaus and helped young artists make beautiful artwork from plastic, tinplate, cardboard etc. at the creative workshop „Recycling Design“.

01.08.2011 | Let’s Go Surfin – Sebastian Steudtner at Kinderkunsthaus

Professional surfer Sebastian Steudtner stopped by the Kinderkunsthaus to tell the children about his exciting profession and to create artwork with them. Here are a few impressions the event.

09.05.2011 | Opening of Kinderkunsthauses

With a big celebration and an open house, Kinderkunsthaus opened ist doors for the first time. Many interested guests could be inspired by our concept and helped us have a great start.

Best of stop-motion-artwork from our open programm

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