You can celebrate your special day with us! With friends, delicious cake, juice and a fun workshop there is lots to discover.

You can chose from the following workshops:

Workshop Artist /Ages 5 to 10

Painting, drawing, printing and crafting like great artists is in the focus of this birthday workshop. We talk about and use colors and shapes, experiment with different materials. Either one big piece of art or many singular works can be taken home.

Workshop Filmmaker / Ages 7 to 10

In this birthday workshop the children become filmmakers. From animal documentary to a scary monster show – self-made characters will be brought to life using stop-motion technique and stories will be staged in different ways. The result is an animated film that can be taken home on DVD. One DVD for the birthday boy or girl is included – copies for the other kids can be made at home.

Printing Workshop /Ages 6 to 10

This workshop is all about paper, printing, graphic design, typography and illustration. We will be experimenting with various stamping and printing techniques, will design layouts for posters, craft small booklets or leporellos and much more! Extent and topic of the workshop will be adapted to the age of the participants.

Wood Workshop  /Ages 7 to 10

This workshop caters to little artisans who like to saw, sand, grate and drill. The finished piece can be taken home after the workshop. For children aged 7+| Maximum group size: 8 children | only on Friday and Saturday

Children’s birthdays can be hosted Friday through Sunday (except Wood Workshop: Friday and Saturday) between 2:30 and 5:30 pm, as well as Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Reservation and information Tuesday and Wednesday 9-12 am at 089-330 35 77-0 or info(at) Wood Workshop only on Friday afternoons.

Please note


– A binding reservation must be made at least 3 weeks before the date.

– Birthday program is available for birthday children from the age of 5

– Duration: 5-year-olds 1 hour, 6-16 year-olds 2 hours

– birthday parties in the open program are not possible

Beginning and end

The event will start and end at the booked time (see registration form). Unfortunately it is not possible to occupy the rooms earlier or longer than agreed on, as other events may be held earlier/later. Please note that the visit of the open program is not included in the workshop fee.

Group size

Depending on the group size, the children are overseen by 1-2 course instructors. Please note that the pre-booked group size (including the birthday child) can’t be exceeded. Otherwise the event cannot take place. It is not possible for parents and siblings to take part in the event. The birthday child’s parents are welcome to do so if they wish.

Drop-off, pick-up and obligatory supervision

1-2 adult chaperones have to stay close by and be available on the phone. To guarantee that everything goes smoothly, please drop off and pick up the kids on time.

Course rooms

Birthday workshops will be held exclusively in our two course rooms. The allocation of rooms will be made by the Kinderkunsthaus staff for organisatorial reasons and can’t be announced beforehand. Reservation of a specific room is not possible.


After the workshop it is possible to book the room at no charge for another half hour for eating birthday cake. By request the cake (marble cake with chocolate gaze and smarties € 36) and/or apple spritzer (€ 15) can be ordered through us. It is not possible to heat up any snacks in our rooms. Plates, cutlery and cups will be provided by us at no cost. Please note that except for the booked group only parents and siblings of the birthday child can participate, not the parents of the guest children. For the period of the cake-eating only the room is made available – the duty of supervision of Kinderkunsthaus staff ends with the workshop.


We’ll decorate the rooms with balloons and will write a congratulatory message to the birthday child on the blackwall. For organisatorial reason it is not possible to bring your own decorations.

Wardrobe and Valuables

We cannot assume liability for dirt spills, damage or loss of clothes and valuables.


No participation fees will be payable in case of your cancellation up to 14 days before booked date. From 13 to 4 days before date 50% of the fee will be payable, 100% from 3 days in advance.


Workshop artist, filmmaker or printing workshop:

5-7 children: 1 hour € 100 / 2 hours € 140

8-12 children: 1 hour € 140 / 2 hours: € 170

Wood Workshop:

Up to 4 children: €140 (2 hrs)

Up to 8 children: €170 (2 hrs)

1 cake: €36/Drinks for all children: €15

Workshops and birthday activities for ages 11 to 16

More information and registration hier.