Weekly Classes

Kinderkunsthaus offers weekly classes in set groups which children can visit regularly without their parents. In advantage to the open program children in those set groups can work on a complex piece together for a longer period of time. Classes will be split in age groups, class sizes will be 5-10 kids. Registration Tuesday and Wednesday 9-12 am at: 0049-89-330 35 77-0 or info(at)kinderkunsthaus.de

„Pünktchen” class | for ages 2 to 3
This weekly class is for children and parents seeking the community of like-minded crafters. Painting, drawing, stamping, kneading and having fun – all that will be stimulated here. There will be an individual focus tailored to the group.

„Farbklecks” class | for 3 to 5 year olds (without accompanying person)
„Farbklecks” is a class aimed at children aged 3 to 5. Each week, the young artists come together to create and craft in a closed group. Painting, drawing, crafting, printing, making models, building – almost everything is possible.

„Painting & Drawing“ class | Ages 6 to 8
It is possible to paint and draw in various ways. In this class, participants get to know a variety of artistic techniques and approaches to create expressive pictures. Be it perspective drawing, scribbling, shading, priming, blotting, painting at an easel or with a salad spinner – children can experiment to their liking with pencil, quill, paintbrush and more.

„Pottery and sculptural design“ | Ages 6 to 10
In this weekly course, pottery is made, formed, modelled, cast, glued and much more. We work primarily with clay, but other materials such as wood, plaster, cardboard or papier-mâché are used alternately. At the beginning of each lesson there is a short introduction to the topic or material, then the children themselves become artists and implement the appropriate handicraft techniques in their own sculptures. In this way, with a lot of fun and fantasy, reliefs, sculptures and various three-dimensional works of art are created in addition to potted figures and vessels.

„Woodworking“ class | ages 6 to 10
In this weekly class, participants will work with the material wood. Artisans and crafters who like to saw, sand and drill will get their money’s worth here. Workpieces will be created in individual and group work, where children can let their imagination run free.

Course fee „Pünktchen“ and „Farbklecks“ classes: 90 € for 5 sessions
Course fee „Painting & Drawing“, „Pottery and sculptural design“ and „Woodworking“ classes: 140 € for 5 sessions

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Participants of the current course will be given preference when allocating places for the following course. Afterwards, the remaining free places will be allocated. Therefore, please make sure to reserve your place, we will get in touch with you.

Registration / waiting list
Registration and allocation of places or entry on the waiting list for the courses taking place at the Kinderkunsthaus should be sent by e-mail to info(at)kinderkunsthaus.de.

Registration procedure

1. Please inform us in your written request about the desired course, the first and last name and the date of birth of your child.

2.1 For free places
We will send you a registration form. Please note that only with our booking confirmation, which you will receive by e-mail, can participation in the desired course be guaranteed.

2.2 No free places
In this case we will put your child on the waiting list for the desired course. After the re-registration period for participants of the current courses has expired, all interested parties on the waiting list will be informed simultaneously by e-mail. Please note that there are no waiting list ranks. Places will be allocated after receipt (“first come first serve”) of the completed form. Seat reservations will not be considered.

General / FAQ

– If the course participation is not cancelled on the 4th date of the current course, it is automatically extended by the following course (5 dates).

– Course dates missed by the participant cannot be made up, refunded or passed on to third parties.

– The Pünktchen courses are intended for a child with an adult accompanying person. We ask for your understanding that it is unfortunately not possible to bring along siblings.

– In all other courses your child will participate unaccompanied. In the Farbklecks courses, parents may be present for “warming up” in the first lesson if they wish, but not afterwards.

Studio 23 – The Youth Program at the Kinderkunsthaus
At Studio 23, various classes and workshops are offered for adolescents (aged 11-16).
All info and registration here