Ticket office opening hours

Information and reservation Tuesday and Wednesday from 9 am to 12 am at 089-33035770 or info(at)kinderkunsthaus.de

Opening Hours & Prices | Open Program (no reservation)

Wednesday to Friday 2 pm to 6 pm | Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 6 pm | Latest Entrance 5 pm | Monday and Tuesday closed

For holiday opening hours please see current news here.

Day ticket: € 6 (incl. material)

Weekend Day ticket (group up to 3 people): € 15

Weekend Day ticket (group up to 5 people): € 24

Multiple-entrance ticket (10 visits): € 50

Carrier of a “München- und Landkreis-Pass”: € 3,- (instead of € 6,- for a day ticket)

For more info about the Open Program, please see here. Current creative activities will be announced on Facebook.

Classes (reservation only)

Info and reservation here.

Schools and groups (reservation only)

Mornings from Tuesday until Friday & upon arrangement. Info and reservation here.

Birthdays (reservation only)

Friday until Sunday upon arrangement. Info and reservation here.

Workshops, holiday program & Studio 23 (reservation only)

Participation in Studio 23 workshops or workshops in the holiday program only possible by reservation.

Arthouse for adults (no reservation)

Generally every first Thursday of a month from October till June | 7 pm to 10 pm

Admission fee: €22 (incl. material and welcome drink) / €17 discounted

Find more info on Arthouse here. Detailed creative activities will be regularly announced on Facebook.

Adress & approach hier


In order to make the visit a positive and special event, parents should note the following information:

Collection of artwork

Pieces of art resulting from working during the open program are kept for 7 days and can be picked up during this period of time. After the 7 days the artwork will become property of Kinderkunsthaus and will possibly be exhibited, used for crafts or other things.


Our open program is designed for children from age 2 to 14. The children are encouraged to create their own ideas. But it is also possible to take part in the activities and topics offered by our staff. In the open program, a parent or chaperone will be required. Kids and adolescents from the age of 10 can visit the Kinderkunsthaus by themselves for up to 2.5 hours. For this we will need a letter of agreement from a parent. Classes, workshops and group programs are divided by age in order for the children to have similar cognitive and physical skills to work together.


In the open program and at birthday events the duty of supervision lies with the parents respectively the adult chaperone. Adults give their permission by signing a declaration of agreement. In the weekly classes and the holiday workshops the class instructors have the responsibility, i.e. regulations of liability apply.


The creations (including their previous stages and/or copies/photos) may be used by Kinderkunsthaus gratuitously regardless of temporal, local and factual limitations for use in a non-commercial and/or commercial purpose. The use may be extended to third parties. All above-mentioned uses may occur with or without credit and under the observation of copy- and personal rights.

The children’s artwork may be published in our gallery at www.kinderkunsthaus.de. If this is not wanted please mention this on the declaration of agreement.


By signing the declation of agreement in advance to the open program, group program, holiday workshops or classes, parents declare that photos/video recordings of them or their children may be done and used free of charge for non-commercial purposes in relation with the Kinderkunsthaus (e.g. publications in brochures and on the Kinderkunsthaus website). Personal right and copyright will be observed and those rights may be extended to third parties exclusively or non-exclusively. If this is not wanted pleace mention this on the decleration of agreement. All above-mentioned uses may occur with or without credit and under the observation of copy- and personal rights.

Wardrobe & valuables

Every guest is responsible for his or her wardrobe and valuables. We do not take responsibility for staining, damages or loss.


Our program encourages  to experiment in many artistic fields. While working with colors and tools a splash of color may stain a shirt, pants might be torn or glue might end up in hair. Clothing should therefore be chosen carefully, so there will be no trouble at home . We do not take responsibility for the clothing of children or adults.