Welcoming speech by our patron Stefan Wilkening

I have had an intense friendship with the Kinderkunsthaus for a long time. In the beginning of 2014 I had the great joy of reading together with Alexandra Helmig from One thousand and one nights on the occasion of 1001 days of Kinderkunsthaus.

Form e, the Kinderkunsthaus is a very unique place, where the imagination of children and adolescents is encouraged. This is done traditionally by using all kinds of creative techniques, but also digitally in an age-appropriate way. When I’m there and it’s the same at my other readings with kids, I am always fascinated by how open and unbiased children are with their creativity.

Therefore I am very happy tob e patron of Kinderkunsthaus and support the work of the founders Alexandra Helmig and Sebastian Zembol and their wonderful team, especially also in the field of social integration.

Kindly yours,

Stefan Wilkening

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Welcoming speech by the first patron Judith Milberg (04/2013 until 05/2015)

Spontaneously and by conviction I have accepted the patronage of the Kinderkunsthaus München. Having kids of my own, I have realized how important it is to enable and promote creativity in children.

For me, the Kinderkunsthaus is a unique workshop, where people of all ages can work with traditional and digital creative tools.

I am very happy to support the work oft he founders Alexandra Helmig and Sebastian Zembol as a patron, especially in the field of social integration.

Kindly yours,

Judith Milberg