We are very grateful to HORUS for regular donations, which enable us to offer children, young people and adults a protected space of experience in which they can experiment, develop, interact with others and become creative with a wide variety of design tools. These generous donations have supported the business for years and will continue to do so in the future.

In addition to HORUS, we are pleased to welcome our long-standing sponsorship partners and say thank you to boesner GmbH, the leading provider of professional artist materials, for the high-quality material donations, which are enjoyed by more than 17,000 visitors to our creative workshop every year. The Memminger MedienCentrum Druckerei und Verlags-AG donates almost our annual demand of paper in different qualities, thicknesses and formats. Also the handmade paper factory Gmund GmbH & Co. KG helps us again and again with high-quality paper in many different, beautiful colours.

Serviceplan, the largest owner- and partner-managed agency group in Europe, has supported the Kinderkunsthaus through the association weCare e.V. from the very beginning. The fact that princesses, Darth Vader, pirates, cowboys and Indians have a lot of fun in our Green Box is due to the costume donations from The Walt Disney Company, which keeps filling our treasure chest with disguises. It is thanks to Julia Schneider, owner of iam interior.architects.munich, and her team that our young and old visitors feel completely at home with us. iam is actively involved with advice and action, and also with expert workshops from time to time. Carolin Rottländer Kommunikationsberatung GmbH brings the Kinderkunsthaus and our programmes, workshops, courses and events to everyone’s attention, attracting the attention of media professionals, sponsors and our target group. Her expertise, curiosity, enthusiasm and her diverse contacts are always of great help and an enrichment for our charitable activities.

Many thanks for these donation partnerships, which have accompanied and supported us for years and show a big heart for small and big creative people!

With every ticket, birthday party and every course or workshop that you or your child attend, you too make your personal contribution to financing our commitment.