School Visits And Groups

In the mornings from Tuesday to Friday we offer programs for school classes, kindergartens, day care centers and similar institutions. We offer workshops on various topics and designs. Whether it is working, painting, printing, handicrafts or filming – many things are possible. All activities can also be individually tailored and adapted to the group by arrangement.

At this point we offer school and group programs with the following topics:

Program “Artist”

In small groups children get to know great artists’ work processes and experiment with various creative methods and techniques. Depending on the topic and age we paint, draw, print, make a collage or work sculpturally.

Program “Filmmaker”

Everything revolves around the production of stop-motion films. Stop-motion technique means animating objects by changing them for every single frame of the film ever so slightly. In small groups, the children are taught various creative work steps that are needed to create a film clip. The finished films can be taken home on a DVD. Extent and topic of theworkshop will be tailored to the age of the little filmmakers.

Program “Printing workshop”

This workshop is centered around the topics paper, print, graphic design, typography and illustration. Extent and topic oft he workshop will be tailored tot he age oft he participants. We experiment with different stamping and printing techniques, create small booklets and much more. Topics that are currently taught in class can be integrated into the workshop if desired and after consulting our team.

* Paper

* Artist Biographies and selected works of art

* Poster Design for your own theater plays or similar events

* Color theory and drawing techniques

Please note that not all works of art can be taken away immediately, as they have to dry first. They can be picked up within 4 weeks during the opening hours of our open program.

Registration and Prices

School classes and group programs can be booked from Tuesday to Friday for 2 hours between 9 and 12 am. Admission fee per child: €6, teachers, educators and chaperones are free.

In order that as many classes or groups as possible can attend our group programme, we only allocate one date per group, class, school year and contact person/teacher. It is not possible for several classes to share a date.

The groups should have a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 30 children. Filmmaking workshops can be booked for school classes from the second grade upwards and should not be larger than 26 children. Our supervision key: 1 supervisor per 8 children.

Registration and Consultation: email info(at) or by phone 0049-(0)89-330 35 770 (Tuesday and Wednesday 9 to 12 am)

When making your request, please ideally state various desired dates (Tuesday to Friday), from which we will then confirm a date depending on availability. This will make it easier for us to allocate appointments given the large number of enquiries.

In the months from May to August, groups of up to 15 people can also visit the Open Programme by prior arrangement. In this case, a supervisor of one person with four children each must be guaranteed. The maximum length of stay for groups in the Open Programme is 2.5 hours.

Registration and Consultation: email info(at) or by phone 0049-(0)89-330 35 770 (Tuesday and Wednesday 9 to 12 am)