Studio 23 is the youth program of the non-profit children’s art house for 11 to 16 year olds. Here you can join your peers for great workshops on weekends or celebrate your birthday.

Fully booked! Sun, 27.9. | 2 – 5 pm | „Animated GIFs“ GIFs GIFs GIFs GIFs – meanwhile we encounter these little animations more and more often – but how do they work and how are they created? In this workshop we show you how to create your own great GIFs. After an introduction to digital drawing on the iPad with the professional drawing app “Procreate”, we will do first exercises to design GIFs. Afterwards you can get creative and develop your own more complex GIFs. You can then send these directly to your friends at home.

Sat, 24.10. | 2 – 5 pm | “Photorealism – painting, drawing and photography”

A different kind of still life! This workshop is about looking closely, staging, painting, drawing and photographing. The object of your choice will be arranged on a high-contrast background. This looks good, but it will be really exciting if you complete your object as photorealistically as possible with a pencil drawing or gouache painting. We show you how to mix the colours, how to create depth by casting shadows and how to get the perspective right. Finally, you will set the scene for your still life on a coloured background and capture it photographically. Course fee: 45 € (incl. material) | Registration form Download


School Class & Group Program for ages 11 - 16

On mornings from Tuesday to Friday we offer programs for school classes, after-school groups and similar institutions. We offer workshops on various topics and designs. Whether it is working, painting, printing, handicrafts or filming – many things are possible. All activities can also be individually adapted to the group by arrangement.

Currently we offer workshops for school classes and groups with the following focal points:

Program „Artists“
In small groups the participants learn about the working methods of great artists and experiment with different design tools and techniques. Depending on the subject and age, the participants will paint, draw, print, collage or sculpt.

Program „Filmmakers
Here everything revolves around the production of stop-motion films. In stop-motion technology, objects are animated by changing them only slightly for each individual frame of the film. In small groups, the participants learn about the various creative steps that are necessary to create a film clip. The scope and theme of the action will be adapted to the age of the filmmakers.

Program „Print Workshop“
In this workshop everything revolves around the topics paper, printing, graphics, typography and illustration. The scope and theme of the workshop will be adapted to the age of the participants: We will experiment with different stamping and printing techniques, staple little books and much more.

In addition, topics that are currently being dealt with in class can be included in the workshops on request and after consultation. Examples are the following areas:
– Artist biographies and selected works of art
– Poster design for plays or similar events
– Colour theory and drawing techniques

Registration and prices

School class and group programmes can be booked from Tuesday to Friday for 2 hours between 9 and 11.30 am. The participation fee is € 6,- per participant, teachers and accompanying persons are free. In order that as many classes or groups as possible can attend our group programme, we only allocate one date per group and school year. Please let us know your preferred dates (Tuesday to Friday) and we will confirm one of them if necessary. This will make it easier for us to allocate dates given the large number of requests.

Information, booking and registration form via or on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 9 and 12 a.m. by calling +49-89 – 330 35 77-0.

Groups should have a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 30 participants, filmmaker groups no more than 26.
Our supervision key: 1 supervisor per 8 participants.

Birthday workshops for ages 11 - 16

You can also celebrate the most beautiful day of the year with your best friends and lots of fun. The following workshops with different creative focuses and design techniques are available:

Workshop “Artists”
Workshop “Filmmakers”
Workshop “Print Workshop
Workshop “Wood workshop
Workshop “Sewing studio”
All information and registration here.