Please note that our workshops are designed for school children and can only be booked for the specified age groups.

Workshops during summer holidays 2020

week 1Mon, 27.7. | 10 – 4 pm | “Etching” | For ages 6 to 10
In this workshop we will show you how the printing process “etching” works. At first you will think about exciting motives. Then you transfer your favourite sketches onto an etching plate by carving the contours with an etching needle. Then the finished printing blocks are turned through our gravure printing press. You can play with different colours and go into series production. The result is high-quality prints that you can take home with you. | Course fee: 65 € (incl. material and lunch) | Registration form Download

Tue, 28.7. | 10 – 4 pm | “Headdress inspired by Thierry Mugler” | For ages 6 to 10
A cooperation with the Kunsthalle München | Meeting place and pickup at the Kinderkunsthaus
On our excursion to the Kunsthalle we explore the fascinating world of “Thierry Mugler’s Couturissime”-exhibition, with a special focus on the spectacular headdresses. Back at the Kinderkunsthaus we will get to work on our own. We start with sketches that show, for example, borrowings from the realm of insects or the world of motor sports, and then use them as a basis for making shrill headdresses masks or hats. For this purpose we have a material pool of feathers, colours, wire, adhesive tape, cardboard, fabric, paper, metal and plastic elements at your disposal. It will be fabulous! | course fee: 65 € (incl. MVV-ticket, entrance fee, material and lunch) | registration form Download

Wed, 29.7. | 10 – 4 pm | “Batik & Fabric Printing” | For ages 6 to 10
This is where we dye and print! In this workshop you will become textile designers and create very special works of art on fabric. We will show you how to create different patterns and colour gradients. You can let your joy of experimentation run wild and even chance can create many beautiful effects. You can also be creative to your heart’s content when printing on fabric. With self-made printing blocks you can stamp your own motifs or patterns on different fabric blanks and turn them into original fashion pieces. | course fee: 65 € (incl. material and lunch) | registration form Download

Thu, 30.7. | 10 – 4 pm | “Weaving & Macramé” | For ages 8 to 12
Weaving is totally trendy! In our workshop we want to work with different materials. We will use wool, fabric, wood and paper in cool colours. We will show you how to build a weaving frame yourself and how to weave in great patterns and knots. You will also learn what macramé is all about. This knotting technique can be combined perfectly with classic weaving. So you won’t be knotting any “old carpets”, but you will be able to work creatively and create several stylish objects. | course fee: 65 € (incl. material and lunch) | registration form Download

Fri, 31.7. | 10 – 4 pm | “Sewing studio: theme cushion” | For ages 8 to 12
In this workshop you will design a pillow with a motif of your choice and produce the design under professional guidance, directly with the sewing machine. From the illustration, the painting with fabric color, the application of patches, up to the complete production of the cushion – you can choose and design every detail yourself. What comes out in the end is up to each designer. No previous sewing knowledge is required. | course fee: 65 € (incl. material and lunch) | registration form Download

week 2Mon, 3.8. & Tue, 4.8. | 10 – 4 pm | “Plant worlds – illustration made easy” | For ages 6 to 10
In this two-day workshop, we let the plant world inspire us to create our own illustrations. On the first day we will take a close look at flowers, leaves, tree barks and cacti with fineliner and notebook in the botanical garden. The aim is not necessarily to draw plants in a naturalistic way, but to discover and capture many patterns and shapes. The next day we complete our sketches in the children’s art house with different design techniques and create a lot of great stationery products that are worth seeing. Sign up quickly, it will be really good! | Course fee: 120 € (2-day workshop, incl. MVV-ticket, entrance fee, material and lunch) | Registration form Download

Wed, 5.8. | 10 – 4 pm | “Modelling with clay” | For ages 8 to 12
Under the expert guidance of two female pottery experts, great figures are modelled in this holiday workshop. After a few introductory words and tips on how to work with clay, you can put your ideas into practice immediately. We are very curious whether you decide on something abstract, a mythical creature, superheroes or even a commodity. After three weeks you can pick up your fired and glazed artwork at the Kinderkunsthaus. | course fee: 65 € (incl. material and lunch) | registration form Download

Thu, 6.8. | 10 – 4 pm | “Huge Paintings” | For ages 6 to 10
Have you ever painted larger than A3? The artist Laia Marti Puig, instructor of our “Painting & Drawing” class, prefers to paint on paper as big as doors. If you feel like it, you can learn on this workshop day how to create great, really big masterpieces with colours, shapes, surfaces and lines. You will see, it will be great! | course fee: 65 € (incl. material and lunch) | registration form Download

Fri, 7.8. | 10 – 4 pm | “Papermaking & Paper Pulp Painting” | For ages 6 to 10
In this workshop you will get into paper production. You will learn how to make beautiful new papers from colorful recycled papers that are mashed into fine pulp. And that’s not all. With the different coloured pulp, you can even “paint” paper pictures. Give it a try, this is something very special! | course fee: 65 € (incl. material and lunch) | registration form Download

week 3Mon, 10.8. | 10 – 4 pm | “Colour Kitchen” | For ages 6 to 10
Step into our paint kitchen! From natural materials, fruit, vegetables, tea or coffee you can make your own liquid paints with the help of various kitchen utensils. Grating, grinding, pounding, sieving and stirring is on the agenda here. Now add a suitable binding agent – that’s it! Afterwards you will create very special works of art with your self-made colour palette and different brushes. | course fee: 65 € (incl. material and lunch) | registration form Download

Tue, 11.8. & Wed, 12.8. | 10 – 4 pm | “Learning to draw manga – first steps” | For ages 6 to 10
You like reading mangas and comics? Yōkoso, we have just the right workshop for you! In this two-day holiday program our manga expert Johanna shares her knowledge with you. With a stack of groundbreaking examples in her luggage, she will introduce you to famous mangas and after this short introduction, you’ll get down to work right away. It starts with a few drawing exercises on the subject of emotions and proportions and continues with the development of your own characters. On the second day you will create an impressive canvas and illustrate the first pages of your comic or manga script… But don’t worry, you don’t have to be born Manga-ka or have any previous drawing skills, you will learn everything you need to be able to put your own ideas on paper during the two workshop-days | course fee: 120 € (2-day workshop, incl. material and lunch) | registration form Download

Thu, 13.8. | 10 – 4 pm | “Stop Motion Movie” | For ages 8 to 12
Welcome to our animation studio! This time we are experimenting with the frame-by-frame animation technique. Different objects, your hands, snippets and motives drawn by yourself will be animated frame by frame with the help of laptop and photo camera. This is very easy and a lot of fun. There are almost no limits to your joy of experimenting and fantasy. Whether gummy bear races, moving works of art or magic tricks – here you are the directors. | course fee: 65 € (incl. material and lunch) | registration form Download

Fri, 14.8. | 10 – 4 pm | Studio23-Workshop „Wood workshop: Wall Organizer“ | For ages 12 to 16
This time we work in our wood workshop. With drill, saw and file you will build a cool wooden wall organizer. The shelf consists of a perforated plate as basic frame. You will build matching wooden hooks and shelf boards. So you can create your own storage concept and redesign it again and again according to your ideas. | course fee: 65 € (incl. material and lunch) | registration form Download

Last day of holidayMon, 7.9. | 10 – 4 pm | “Collage & Geometric Shapes” | For ages 6 to 10
Geometric design, clear lines and clean forms are always taken up in this workshop. There will be an abundance of materials such as paper or fabrics that will inspire us to work experimentally. We will cut out, collage, paint with watercolours and make our own stamps. It is up to each participant to decide whether this will result in large-format posters, postcards or notebooks. | course fee: 65 € (incl. material and lunch) | registration form Download

Mon, 7.9. | 10 – 4 pm | “Upcycling” | For ages 6 to 10
Sustainability is also an important topic in the Kinderkunsthaus! In this workshop we will show you how you can creatively and lustfully design sustainable things. Especially we want to deal with the upcycling of already used materials. For this we use tetrapacks, old clothes and newsprint from which we make cool new things. For example, we will bind notebooks ourselves, design cool lamps out of tin cans and produce beeswax cloths in which you can wrap your lunch. | course fee: 65 € (incl. material and lunch) | registration form Download

Parents & child pottery on Saturday

For children from 6 years together with an adult | one time on Saturdays 10.30 to 12.30 | course fee 50 € incl. material, firing & glace
Getting creative with your child in a relaxed atmosphere and experimenting with the versatile material clay – that is the focus of this workshop.

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